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Squeeze those long and annoying URLs with to share, tweet, mail or text to your friends. The app is designed to work across all devices and OSs. Generating really simple and easy URL to share as URLs, it fits in your social media accounts too.

Shorten, optimize and brand your links. Share it across all marketing channels and platforms, to connect to the specific TG.


Personal | 100% Free

Measure your links with and manage them to your own convenience. It’s 100% free and is available to use across your favourite browsers and platforms as extensions and apps. Sharing now on social media is easy as a breeze with

Links are available all across the internet, with at your disposal the channels and platforms are clear to look across.

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API | Business & Marketing offers API integration for businesses to drive their CTR up by a huge margin with branded short domains. With your brand names in the links you get total control of your content. Get deep insights into the analytics of the TG to better than ever.

Get great deals on your migration processes to enjoy not only the best user experience but also world class services.

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Developers | Multi-lang is one contemporary way to manage up your links. Not only it caters for the personal usage and businesses, developers too have an edge using them for their products built using PHP, Java, Wordpress and more.

Analyze all your campaigns to get a better view of how your marketing efforts are getting into play in the world of internet.

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Servers | 99% uptime*

In addition to the regular insights into the demographics and analytics of marketed content, helps you manage the links shortened, so that there’s always a reservoir present for you. Categorise your account activity and analytics by various criteria.

Segregate department, location, channel, brand or user to collect meaningful insights into how teams perform individually or how your company performs as a unit.

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Pro Version | Unlimited

Zero-BC has two versions, and both of these versions can fit for Consumer & Business. We provide additonal capabilities like multi-to-single URL shortening, Manage, track and delete the URLs created by you and follow up API intergation, on the tractions.

Store your info by logging using any device and restore it simply by entering the credentials on any device and any platform.

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